Is Merch and “Uniform” Important For An E-sport Team?

Any respectable E-sport team has merch and even uniforms. It is a basic yet successful way of connecting to your fans, strengthening your team spirit, creating an identity. You don’t know who will follow you once they associate themselves with your team.

According to Printful, E-sport teams can earn additional income with the support of their fans if they offer them dropshipped print-on-demand gamer apparel and accessories. It won’t just boost your finances but morale as well!


Why Merchandise and Uniform are a Must For an E-sport Team

Regular sports teams always wear uniforms, and their clubs sell team-related or game/sports-related merchandise to their devoted fans. When several people wear the same uniform, it delivers a powerful message.

First of all, it is unity, organization, and identity. These three factors are essential even for E-sport teams. Though some might argue that due to the nature of their digital presence, E-sport teams might not need uniforms, sometimes, an image is more powerful than anything else!

Wearing a uniform creates a powerful connection between players and also to their followers. People who wear the same uniform can more easily project themselves onto one another, making that sense of teamwork and belonging.

They will relinquish some of that ego and instead focus on the collective. Since you are a team, you must act and look like a team, and only then are you a team. This is what your fans will see as well.

When people look for a specific e-sport match, they want to get into that story, and you can achieve this through a uniform and merchandise. It is more likely that you will gain followers if you have an identity, and people will more likely support your team as a whole rather than individual players dressed as regular people. You have to create that story, make people forget about the mundane, and get them entwined into your world.

The image creates a part of the story, and if your team doesn’t wear a uniform, you can’t tell that story and won’t be able to captive others into it.


Morale and Revenue

You want to have a good time. A uniform will help you get into that mood. It’s like playing a role, becoming someone else. Once you have established your identity, any E-sport team needs some extra cash, and you can do this only when you have an identity.

Many people will purchase your merchandise if they like your team and team spirit. With the additional revenue that will inevitably boost your morale, you can start a small business with your team.

You can invest in creating many other merchandise items, and you can also invest in buying better equipment for your team or promoting it.


Final Words

E-sport teams can greatly benefit from wearing uniforms and making merchandise. You need to find a good printing website and create your own uniform and merchandise. Several of these websites have their own design maker tools that are easy to use.

E-sport teams should focus on the dropshipping policies of printing websites as well. Dropshipping implies that you don’t need to have the items in stock. You don’t even have to invest that much.

You just need to create the models and promote them. The manufacturer will then fulfill the orders on demand and make the requested items.

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