5 Unusual Ideas For A Corporate Event

One of the most important things you can do when you hold a corporate event is to make a significant impression on your audience. There are lots of ways you can do this; you can simply hold an excellent event, do something out of the ordinary, or give away free gifts, for example. All of these things will keep your audience guessing and will make a lasting impression for your brand, but they’re not necessary if you want to make an interesting first impression.

Planning a corporate event doesn’t have to be dull, either. If you want to make a serious impact on your audience, then it’s a good idea to make the event itself unusual or interesting. Rather than a simple po-faced presentation of statistics or a standard corporate conference, why not push the boat out and try something a little more out-of-the-box? Here are 5 ideas for more unusual corporate events you can hold if you want your audience to remember your brand.

  1. A gig

If you want your audience to remember you, why not put on an event that they would love even if it wasn’t a corporate event? Making your musical entertainment the main draw of the show means everyone will have a good time, especially if you make sure to book event-appropriate entertainment. Be sure to match the tastes of your audience; a metal band may not be the right choice depending on who you’re pitching to.

If a band isn’t the best option, then why not opt for an old-fashioned disco? Again, depending on your audience, a dance could well be the way to get shareholders or potential investors to leave their inhibitions behind and enjoy themselves. If you’re going this route, make sure to buy your own disco gear, because if the event is a success then you can repeat it next year.

  1. A scavenger hunt

This one might work a little better for companies who are aiming to put together team-building exercises, but if you’re feeling creative and you want your audience to participate in your event, a scavenger hunt can be an excellent way to achieve that. Scavenger hunts essentially entail putting together a trail of clues for your team to follow, with a prize at the end for whoever finds all the clues first.

For bonus points here, try to make all the clues corporate-appropriate. Think about your brand. What are the most important aspects? Could you tie those into areas around where your main office is located? You could, for example, put together a “history of our brand” scavenger hunt. This would be educational, fun, and a great way to show shareholders that you’re passionate about your brand!

  1. A creative convention

If you want to foster in-house appreciation of your brand – as well as attract potential new customers – then an excellent way to do that would be to hold a creative convention. Ask your staff to create pieces of art – films, for example, or short artistic demonstrations – that either communicate core brand values or that could tangentially be linked to the brand.

Once you’ve got a good crop of creative endeavours from your staff, then you can hire out a convention hall – or a smaller venue depending on your budget – and display the art for your audience. This will build confidence in your brand, because if your staff are passionate and motivated enough to create art for it, then it must be successful. You can keep the best ones and display them in your head office.

  1. A “kids’ party”

Every adult is longing for the chance to let loose and release their inner child every once in a while. Corporate events can be the perfect place for them to do that. Imagine you’re about to go to a corporate event, but you’d really love the chance to just have some fun instead of tending to business matters. When you reach the event, there are bouncy castles and other games. Now you get the chance to do both!

You can double the value here by also including workshop events. Why not add a booth which teaches your shareholders, your staff, or your potential investors how to perform circus tricks? How about a clown face-painting workshop? There’s no reason why your corporate event can’t also provide a great time for your attendees. That way, they’ll go away not only refreshed but also with renewed confidence in your business.

  1. A cruise

We’re not necessarily advocating a full-blown cruise ship for your event (although if your company has the budget, this is a great way to appear lavish and extravagant to investors). All you need is a medium-sized barge and you’re good to go. There are plenty of places that will hire out barges to you regardless of which city you’re in, so make sure you do your research before you make a decision.

If you’re feeling especially creative (and want to push the boat out, hem hem), then why not make your corporate event nautical-themed? Again, you could hold workshops themed around how to sail, how to live a 17th-century pirate life, et cetera. Make sure to emphasise your branding, of course – there’s no sense in holding a corporate event if you don’t – but like the kids’ party theme, there’s no reason this can’t be fun too.

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