The 10 Best Games On Roblox

As a creative sandbox, the quality of games on Roblox is often variable. While many creations are incredible, breathtaking evocations of human ingenuity, there are just as many that arguably aren’t worth your time. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best games you can currently play on Roblox right now.

While you won’t necessarily need Robux – Roblox’s in-game currency – to play these games, it never hurts to have a stash of cash. If you’re looking for ways to amass Robux quickly and without hassle, check this out. Trust us – you’ll be happy that you did when you’re sitting on a whole pile of new stuff for your avatar.

  1. Jailbreak (download)

Fans of a certain open-world crime simulator, this one’s for you. Jailbreak casts you as either a cop or a criminal, both of whom have different objectives. Naturally, if you’re a cop, you’re looking to bust criminals, while as the criminal you’re hoping to escape from the titular jail. A surprising wealth of content, tight controls, and fun visuals make this one an absolute must if you’ve ever enjoyed one of Rockstar’s free-wheeling crime sims or wish there was a version more appropriate for younger players.

  1. Phantom Forces: Advanced Tactical Warfare (download)

The sheer range of games it’s possible to create in Roblox never ceases to astound and amaze us. Phantom Forces: Advanced Tactical Warfare essentially offers a fully-fledged Call of Duty or Counter-Strike experience within Roblox. While it doesn’t quite match the majestic scope or clever gameplay loop of either of those titles, Phantom Forces: Advanced Tactical Warfare is a sharp, smart shooter that you won’t believe was created entirely within Roblox.

  1. Tower of Hell (download)

There’s something extremely compelling about 3D parkour-style platformers, and Tower of Hell delivers on that in spades. If you love games like A Hat In Time or the pure platforming sections of Super Mario Sunshine, then Tower of Hell is for you. If anything, it’s an even more pared-down version of those games; between you and your goal stands a dizzying array of geometric platforms and you must surmount them in order to achieve victory.

  1. Work at a Pizza Place (download)

Within the last few years, the idea of “work simulators” – games that allow you to experience what it’s like to have a mundane job – has really taken off. Work at a Pizza Place is a great example of one of those games. There are a number of different jobs you can take at the titular pizza place; you could be a delivery person, chef, cashier, or other jobs. What’s amazing is just how deep and intricate the mechanics are for each of these jobs.

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2 (download)

Yep, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Fans of the Rollercoaster Tycoon or Theme Park franchises will adore Theme Park Tycoon 2. It’s a simulator in which you can construct your very own theme park and try to attract guests. More guests mean more money for you, and more money means you can expand your park and build more rides. The management systems might not be quite as deep or complex as they are in Theme Park Tycoon 2’s inspirations, but this is still a well-crafted experience.

  1. Dungeon Quest (download)

Once again showcasing Roblox’s astonishing range, Dungeon Quest is a feature-rich MMO-style RPG with a huge amount of content. You’ll adventure through dungeons with your buddies, collect loot, slay monsters, and learn new skills. Again, Dungeon Quest isn’t quite the smorgasbord of content that World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV might offer, but the sheer amount of stuff on offer here is absolutely breathtaking. Roblox, you’ve done it again.

  1. Murder Mystery 2 (download)

While its themes get a little silly at times, Murder Mystery 2 is a solid piece of detective fiction that pits your wits against those of a dastardly killer. As you work your way through your caseload, it becomes clear that your life is in more danger than you perhaps would like to admit. Again, Murder Mystery 2 won’t trouble Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in the detective drama stakes, but as a Roblox creation it’s a wonderful little piece of escapism.

  1. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake (download)

Have you ever played the Endless Ocean games? If so, you’ll know the unmatched joy of simply drifting through a serene underwater landscape, cataloguing lifeforms and generally just existing within the ecosystem. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake won’t quite offer that kind of experience, but as an underwater exploration sim, it’s unmatched on Roblox. Quests, in-game cash rewards, and collectibles await you as you make your way through this tranquil lake.

  1. Bloxburg (download)

Imagine a cross between Grand Theft Auto and The Sims, and you’re not far off imagining Bloxburg. This sim places you in the quiet town of Bloxburg and asks you to explore the town for missions. You can, of course, just explore for exploration’s sake; Bloxburg is enjoying an economic boom, so you can buy cars for yourself, design your own house, and invite your buddies over to take a look at what you’ve created. Bloxburg should scratch your itch if you’re looking for sandbox shenanigans.

  1. Natural Disaster Survival (download)

The objective of Natural Disaster Survival, believe it or not, is to survive an increasingly devastating series of natural disasters. You – and any other islanders you choose to play with (it’s not a competitive game) – must pit your wits against the elements and attempt to survive. This probably won’t occupy you for a huge amount of time, but it’s an amazing testament to what kind of natural features can be programmed into Roblox and should serve as an inspiration for you to create your own game.    

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