Is The New Apple iPad Further Evidence That The Company Is Lacking Creativity?

I was once a huge fan of the Apple brand, and it is no myth that the way in which we communicate was changed because of this very company. Apple’s dominance came at the expense of Nokia, who certainly lost out as a result of innovative thinking from the American company. However, this innovation seems to have screeched to a halt.

The iPhone took the mobile market into a new age, gone were those pesky buttons, and the touch screen was introduced. From here, Apple mastered the market, providing fantastic upgrades that felt like you were owning something far greater than before. Sadly, the iPhone appears to have reached its peak with the iPhone 5. After all, Samsung haven’t just become obvious contenders, they actually have a product that is better – the Samsung S7.

Of course, Samsung also hit a stumbling block with the S7 Note, which had the ability to burst into flames. Call it a design fault, but it was a move that Apple could have taken advantage of. Did they? No. The new Apple iPad, once again, appears to show that the American company is struggling to move things forward. What’s worse, it’s bulkier, heavier, offers nothing new in the storage department, and the design is unchanged. Slight performance improvements are the only real talking point here, and is that enough to warrant consumers to go and buy this new tablet?

When it comes to the smartphone and tablet market, you cannot help but feel as though we have reached a peak. Screens are about as pixel-defined as the human eye can grasp, and the cameras have also hit a similar scenario. Samsung’s curved edge screen was an example of positive change that Apple has failed to adapt to.

Apple’s zealous approach to conquering the watch market was another pointless venture too. Energy spent here could have poured into other areas instead. Perhaps the ideas sounded good on paper, but in reality? Highly flawed.

I strongly believe that Apple’s attention at making profit is now pointed towards expanding Apple’s brand throughout other areas of the world. For example, China is one. The problem here is that other brands can do the same, yet with a better product.

Once an Apple fan, my faith in buying their products hit zero two years back. You cannot help but feel as though you are paying vast amounts of money for a technology gadget that is actually downgrading in certain areas. Alternative options were once undesirable, yet they are now the brand excelling.

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